Monday, November 12, 2012

What's In A Name?

As many of you know we are giving our son the name "Kai". I wanted to tell you all a little bit about why we are choosing to give him this name and the meaning. First of all Kai was given the birth name of Seraphin. Which is a beautiful name. We would love to keep it his first name, but we have a slight situation in our children's names in the fact that they ALL start with K's. From Kaiden, Keegan, Keane, to Kai. We HAD to give him a K name, because after all he is a boy in the Cameron family. Maybe we can mix it up a little with any sisters in the future. 

  • We are keeping "Seraphin" for his middle name. The meaning of Seraphin in Hebrew is "burning ones, angels". In Jewish scripture, the seraphim are the highest ranking angels of God (above angels, archangels, cherubim, etc.) They have six wings and are noted for their zealous love. I love that. What a powerful name to have and to live up to. May he one day have a zealous love for God!! 

  • And the meaning of his first name Kai. There are so many meanings. It's a very multicultural name. And we love ALL the meanings! In Hebrew Kai has two meanings (also spelled Chai) means "full of life" and "angel or messenger of God". Kai may you be full of life in our family. Your first name also is the meaning for your middle name. Perfect. 
  •  In Hawaiian Kai means "ocean or ocean water". Yes Kai you are joining a family that loves the water, the beach, waves, salt, surfing. We love enjoying God's creation in this way. 

  • In Navajo Kai means "willow tree". You will forever be firmly planted into our family. (And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper. -Psalm 1:3) 

  •  In Swahili Kai means "loveable". You are already so loveable to us all already! What's not to love about you Kai?! 

So if you ever thought..why Kai? That's why! Oh and we think it's a pretty cool name;)