Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We are growing...by one

In case you didn't know....we are expecting. So if my head seems like it's in lala land... It's because we're now entering the 1st trimester of paperwork, homestudies, and background checks. Fingerprints, medical evaluations, and forms forms oh and more forms! And we are so excited that we are growing! By one more I might add. And this time....wait for it.....A GIRL! Yes we are now entering foreign territory in this family....as we have four boys I have no idea what to expect when expecting a GIRL! Can I say that I'm over the moon excited that now when all the boys are skateboarding or digging for worms or doing "boy things" I now will have a little girl that will get to go shopping  be right there doing those same exact things as her brothers...just in pink. Okay not all pink. But hey is it bad I'm saving some sleeper pajamas from her brothers to pass down? Little baby girl will have FOUR older brothers to protect her. And can I say being daddy's only little girl.....she is in for a lot of lovin from all of us!! At this time I will not be sharing any details online about baby girls adoption process. But please feel free to ask us in person:)

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