Monday, May 7, 2012

Dossier sent!!!!

We sent our dossier off to our adoption agency tonight! Very exciting! We are officially done with all the paperwork that will be presented to the courts in the Congo. It was a very exciting, happy moment for us. Relief that we are done with the paper chase of our home study/dossier and moving forward. Since we were stationed overseas, we literally had two home studies done. Our first in New Jersey (which was so easy peasy compared to being overseas)..and then our home study "update" took 6 months to complete here in PR. I hope you can see why I'm so happy to be done with everything home study! haha! I feel like that's all that was going through my head for the past year and I felt like we were stuck in that spot for the past year. We started on our adoption journey a year ago! I feel so close now to having our son or daughter home. Now it's just the waiting for our referral that I'm being oh so impatient...wait, I mean...patient about :) The only thing missing from our dossier paperwork is our child's name and information. So once we get our referral for our child our agency will add that to the paperwork and it will be sent to the Congo. Then we will wait for a court date and our case will go before a judge in the DRC. Very exciting news going on in the Cameron family :)

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