Monday, July 16, 2012

Sending some goodies to Africa!

Now that we have received our official referral for "K" we can send him a care package once a month! It's very exciting to pick out some goodies that we can squeeze into a gallon size zip lock baggie to send to him once a month. Hopefully we don't have to send him too many of these. We'd much rather have him home in our arms and we are praying and hopeful that it won't be much longer.
These are all of the goodies that we fit into the gallon sized ziplock bag. Two outfits,flip flops, gummy vitamins, family photo book, elmo, squeezable fruit, gummy bear packs.
Of course Keane picked out this Elmo for his baby brother tonight. They will be exactly one year apart..they both have birthdays in October....they are sharing a room...Keane carries around "K's" picture a lot. They are not only going to be brothers but good friends:)
And we made it happen!!! Everything fit! Now it's off to the post office tomorrow to send off to our agency who will then send it on to the Congo...which will then be taken to the orphanage where our son is currently staying. I told my husband tonight...this is probably the first material possessions "K" has ever owned/received. He is almost two year's old. And what will most likely happen to the items we are sending him is they will be shared throughout the whole orphanage...which is great. I remember when all my boys had their first and 2nd birthdays and we had celebrations for them and they received so many gifts just for their birthdays from family and friends...too many gifts... It's hard to think about. I think we should start giving less for birthday's and Christmas and start giving more to others that have literally nothing at no fault of their own....just the fact that they were born on a different continent where it's hard to survive. Our over abundance of material possessions is not so great when their are families who can't feed their own children. So until we can actually book our tickets and fly to Africa to bring home "K"...this is as close as we can get to him right now. Through our once a month care package and we are squeezing all the love in that we can.


  1. Britt, We are sooo happy for you, Scott and the boys. Can't wait to see your new son's picture!

  2. Exciting! It's neat you get to send care packages through your agency. We're adopting independently and we just sent our dossier to DRC, with a little photo book. With the envelope it weighed .65lb and cost $120 to ship! So no care packages for us :(

  3. I'm sure he will be quite handsome in his new cloths!

    It is true how much people do for birthdays, Christmas, etc here when so many kids would love to just get one thing!

    Hope you are able to bring Kai home soon! He will be joining a beautiful familia!