Sunday, September 23, 2012

The judge's official...he's ours!

Today we woke up to celebrate my 2nd oldest sons birthday. Keegan turned 5 today!! He requested Krispy Kream doughnuts and we had a great breakfast:) I checked my email while eating and WHAM subject line "Judgment Update"!! We have the judge's signed approval that Kai is our son!!! We are in our 30 day wait, and during this time the typed adoption documents will be gathered (the original judgment is handwritten). I believe he will be able to move to our agency's transition home, out of the orphanage, after the 30 day wait. We were so very excited to receive this news. Within the past week a few other families have received the judges written approval as well, and a few families went to pick up their children in DRCongo. It has been a great week for good news! We are one step closer to having our son home forever. My heart aches to hold that little guy. Every night at the dinner table Keane (3) prays for Daddy, Mommy, Kaiden, Keegan, and to bring Malakai home at the airport. He also reminds me daily that Kai is his brother...."He's my brother mom, Kai is my brother..."

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  1. This is fantastic news! He is one luckky little boy to have you all as his family!!! Can't wait to see pictures! Happy Birthday Keegan! Tell the boys we say "hi"!