Thursday, September 6, 2012

Updated photos of our son!

We received some updated photos of Kai last night!!! We were informed last Friday by our case worker that all of the families would be getting new photos of all the children that are in Kai's region. I opened that email to three pictures and the most beautiful almond shaped big brown eyes staring at me. My son..I have so much love for this child already. He looks so beautiful and he looks two! Our referral photos were of him much younger. I'm so glad that I have photos from him 12-20months of age. Those are so special to me to have. He is in the same pink outfit that he was in a few months ago in his referral photos and no smile as of yet. He looks sad and maybe scared that somebody is in his face with a camera. I just want to hold that boy and tell him everything is going to be okay. I can't wait to see his smile for the first time ever. I imagine him sometimes smiling, laughing and chasing his three brothers at the playground, just having fun being a kid. Having no cares in the world but legos and Lightning Mcqueen, bedtime prayers, and chocolate chip/banana waffles on Saturday mornings with daddy. It's getting so close until we have Kai home forever in our family, but it is still so far away. Right now we have no new updates. We are waiting for our court date and praying it comes soon. Our dossier has been in the DRC since July. After the judge signs, we go through the 30 days wait, Kai will officially become a Cameron! Then he will be moved to our agencies beautiful transition home where he will be very well cared for while we are awaiting his birth certificate, passport, and embassy date, and we will get loads of pictures of him while he is there. We are praying for a December travel date. Please be December...if not then I need you all to pray harder for God to give me patience. I would hop on a plane right now if I could!! Here are the photos of our beautiful Kai. I will be be able to post full pictures of him after we officially pass court.


  1. He is precious. Soon he will have so much to smile for and you will have your baby home!

  2. i could just about die... look at his so stinking adorable.