Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More photos and updates!!

We've received so many new pictures of Kai in the last couple of days that my heart could burst!!! I just keep staring at his beautiful big brown eyes all day! So thankful for this adoption mama who is sending all of us waiting families tons of photos and updates. These updates are so so precious to me and I'm holding on to every photo and description we have of our little man. Mostly it makes my heart ache to have him home....TODAY would be good;) Actually back it up to July 4th when we received his referral...I would have hopped on a plane that day too! But instead I'm waiting patiently and trusting God and putting my faith and hope in Him that every single day that passes is one day closer that we get to meeting our boy. 6-8 weeks isn't too far away really? Here is a little piece of information we got today: Seraphin--2T. He slept a loooong time! He got up after everyone had already eaten, so he sat down by himself---so quietly and took a good 45 minutes to eat! He was very playful outside--loved chasing bobby around playing tag.
Also, our 30 day wait is done TODAY!!!!

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